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horizont group gmbh

For those who do not know our company, here is a brief background of our business together with our activities and position today.

The wide range and unique qualities of our products enables fences to be designed to contain (or exclude) most species of animal ranging from the largest of wildlife down to the smallest domestic pet, with maximum security. More than 70 years electric fence experience.

The brand name "horizont" is widely known throughout the world for its excellence in electric fencing for livestock. It stands for more than 50 years of leading edge technology in research, development, manufacture and product superiority supported by a large number of international patents and trade marks. The activities of the company reflect the ever increasing demands from farmers and livestock owners for more reliable, less labour intensive and more secure livestock fencing.

Most of our customers know horizont as the inventor and one of the worlds largest manufacturer of 9V dry battery operated fencers. The concept of this design was originated by Dr. Heinz Müller, the founder of horizont, and has brought major benefits not only to the development of electric fencing but as an aid to pasture management and animal control techniques throughout the world.

One of the market leader in electric fencing throughout Europe

Thousands of farmers and users world-wide appreciate the highly developed technology of horizont's fencers, particularly the portable units which incorporate both high power and exceptional efficiency together with low power consumption and exceptional battery life. They are able to automatically adjust to varying conditions on the fence thus ensuring that only the correct current is drawn to meet specific demand.

A similar technology is incorporated into 6V and 12V fencers and it is the user friendly intelligence of horizont's smart systems that has created the reputation for outstanding excellence.

horizont's extensive range of mains powered fencers incorporate many unique features especially designed to cope with a huge range of climate, soil type, fencing and husbandry practices; a solution for all animal management situations.

In addition to the fencers, horizont and it's subsidiaries manufacture a full and complimentary range of accessories for moveable, permanent, and semi-permanent electric fences to suit the professional farmer, wildlife conservator, pet owner and for predator exclusion.

Our commitment is to provide high quality, technically advanced products to suit the needs of our customers whatever their fencing requirements, and to provide a back up support at the highest level in the market reflecting our position of one of the major European supplier and one of the world leader and innovator.