Electric Fencing guide


How does an electric fence system work?

To fence systems belong: Electric energizer, fence material,  insulators, posts and gate handles, earth stakes, …

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Choosing fence material

An electric fence secures – when it’s set up correctly – safe animal guarding.

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Fence heights and post distances

The indicated wire heights are considered to be guidelines for your fence. The size of the animals do of course have a determining influence on the height of the wires.

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How to choose the right fencer?

What kind of power operation are you looking for? Pay attention to the animal symbols! Watch the fence lengths!

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GPS position report and SMS radio control

MENU FUNCTION – remote control for the energizer: Fencing diary – if the fence tension does not drop in 24 hours under a predefined value, a signal appears with the lowest fence tension. GPS security: Position monitoring, …

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Safety and comfort for your electric fencer

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We are producing security
and give impulses!

For the documentation of the condition of your electric fence and the environment for your animals during the year it is advised to use a pasture management diary like this.

Download pasture management diary

Permanent fencing "easy post"

A permanent fence will be build, when the fence should stand at the same place at your grazing land for many years. The permanent fence system easy post excites by all-purpose posts out of high-quality recycling fishnet and new material and also by a very easy build up on normal or stony ground. Easy post is a permanent fence solution for every ground and all animals.

The new "Happy-Line"

The new, coloured electric fencing range from horizont is different! It`s individual like you and your animal. Your grazing land will shine in 3 trendy colours: purple, turquoise and light green. Professional electric fencing in a new trendy design!

The new Insulator FARMER PND

• Full plastic body made out of one piece
• Very high insulation
• Easy handling and quick assembly
• Safe support through functional principal of pegs
• Universal use - fits all drills