Moocall guide


SMS out of the stable - Moocall saves lives

All advantages of Moocall

One hour before calving, the farmer is warned in time.

No further hardware required - one device per cow

Device connected via Internet access and free app (IOS and Android)

Innovative sensor with SMS function prior to calving

Adjustment to different tail thickness and easy mounting of the device

Avoids stillbirths and deaths of suckler cows

After calving, the Moocall can be attached to the next cow.

Status display with LED

Simple recharge lasting at least 30 days

Moocall Life Saver



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Sensitive sensor easy to handle

The Moocall is an innovative calving sensor and is attached to the cow's tail two to three days before the calculated date of birth. The sensitive sensor evaluates the movement of cow's tail resulting from contractions and the onset of contraction. The Moocall sends an SMS to the farmer's smartphone about one hour before birth and also informs via app and email. The alarm informs the farmer in good time so that he´s able to intervene, in case of emergency at difficult births or to inform the veterinarian. Moocall can save the lives of calf and mother cow.



Digitalisation in agriculture

Digitalisation is also playing an increasingly important role in agriculture. In the meantime, the farmer even receives an SMS from the stable when his cow is about to calve. The Moocall is a great relief for farmers, which do not want to control around the clock for the cow's well-being before the planned birth. By using the calving detector, he no longer has to worry about missing the calf's birth. By alerting in time, he can rush to the aid of the cow and calf and, above all, intervene in good time in the case of difficult births. The loss of the suckler cow or a calf is not only an economic loss for the farmer, it also means a personal loss.

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Field report - Timely alarm saves lives

On the farm of the Lauter family the Moocall calving detector is used for about 50 calving operations per year and the family is very satisfied with the device. "With forthcoming births, the Moocall really is a great relief and we are much more relaxed before calving," says the Lauter family.

Before using Moocall, the Lauter family lost about 1-2 female calves per year and about 3-4 bull calves in heavy births when the family was not in the stable on time. Thanks to the sensitive sensor, the family is now informed at an early stage about the beginning of the birth, can intervene in a supportive manner and thus has no more losses.

Due to the numerous advantages, the purchase of the Moocall calving detector was worthwhile for the Lauter family. Above all, the saved lives and the more relaxed process on the farm before a birth speak for the device.