Wolf defence


The wolf is back

... and the joy over this animal, which was known as extinct e.g. in Germany, is darkened by the fact that livestock is on his menu as well. Painful experiences of sheep and goat owners prove this. As endangered species the wolf is protected by the laws for nature and species conservation and it is prohibited to hunt him. The challenge is to create a conflict-free co-existence. At this point we would like to introduce our electric fences. The development of electric fences and netting is the profession of horizont for decades! This leads to the participation with the research project of the Sächsische Schaf- und Ziegenzuchtverband. The result is a specially developed wolf defence net for sheep and goats!

Complex of problems

Increasing rate of sheep endangerment by wolves in the last years!

As of late first attacks of calves are known.

The netting used in sheep breeding to date is no longer suitable against wolves.

The research project

The "Sächsische Schaf- und Ziegenzuchtverband e.V." has conducted a "Herdenschutzprojekt" on behalf of the "Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie".

In cooperation with horizont AGRAR new sheep netting varieties were developed and tested.

The new nettings were tested in practice to gather experience.

The solution

horinetz super - developed in cooperation with experts
Novelty for wolf defence in sheep farming from the company horizont

In cooperation with experts from the Sächsische Schaf- und Ziegenzuchtverband e.V. our "horinetz super" was developed to protect sheep against the increasing rate of endangerment by wolves. This net decreases the risks of sheep loss due to special safety measures.
It is common practice to protect the sheep with 90-105cm high and electrified nettings against predators. Recently wolves are seen more often in our areas, so that the established protective measures are no longer suitable.
As part of a research project of the Landesamt für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft und Geologie and the Sächsische Schaf- und Ziegenzuchtverband e.V. different types of nettings (about 1.800) were tested practically, evaluated and thereof recommendations for optimisation extrapolated. Because of the long-term experience of the company horizont in the area of game defence the "horinetz super" was developed, which increases the herding security distinctly:

• additional 20mm tape at 120cm height
• movement of the tape creates an additional optical obstacle (protection against overleaping) increased
• circumferential tape for use as an earth conductor - additional protection by increasing voltage, especially with dry foils
• fields with more sheep nettings than one
• device with grounding in one corner
• additional grounding at corner points of the field

Netting against wolves

Strand fence against wolves

Electric Fencing guide

How does an electric fence system work?

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"horinetz super" - developed in cooperation with experts.
Novelty for wolf defence in sheepfarming from the company horizont.

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The research project

Preventative measures against wolf attacks – a research project

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