Heat detection system „Moocall HEAT“

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Heat detector consists of a collar that is worn by a bull

Delivery Time

2-3 days

  • Oestrus detection system using the natural reproductive instinct of cattle
  • A bull running in the herd wears a neck collar that communicates with the special ear tags of the cows
  • The mounting behaviour and the activity of the bull with the respective cow are measured
  • Motion profiles are created from this communication
  • The farmer is notified via SMS and an app of the animals that are in heat
  • The big plus: the bull recognizes still-breeding cows as well as cows that are not pregnant after the first insemination

The following information will be provided:
  • Exact time of the heat
  • Repeated heat
  • Calving time
  • Bull's health (vitality and fertility)
  • Fertility of cows


  •  At present applicable on the pasture
  • Communication to the user via the GSM network (follow-up costs from the 2nd year: € 285.00 excl. VAT)
  • All data is merged in the extended App “Breedmanager”


Delivery time 2-3 days