T-post ECO │ metal post │ 1.50 m │ green │ 5 pieces

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  • suitable for wire, 6 mm rope, strand and 50 mm broad band
  • made of recycled steel
  • easy to hammer into stony soils

Package Quantity

5 Piece

Delivery Time

2-3 Tage

T-post ECO │ metal post │ 1.50 m │ green │ 5 pieces is available for purchase in increments of 5

T-post ECO │ metal post │ 1.50 m │ green │ 5 pieces

When building fences, the piles are of particular importance. With them the fence stands and falls in the truest sense of the word. It is not without reason that the corner and gate posts are of great importance in fence construction. These have a large diameter and are driven deep into the ground. These posts absorb the tensile forces with which the conductor material is tensioned, but also the multiple forces caused by wind pressure and weight increases due to rain or snow. In addition, the stability of the line posts, which are inserted between the corner and goal posts, is negatively affected, especially during rainy periods. The stability of posts with particularly short ground nails and a small diameter is reduced in soil softened by rain. The T-post offers a super solution, which can be placed between the two extremes mentioned above. The posts made of thick steel are certainly heavier than plastic posts, but more manageable than large wooden posts.

Examples of use and special features

  • for fencing, electric fencing and game protection
  • very robust poles made of recyclable material, durable and resilient
  • suitable for stranded wire, 6 mm rope, wire and 50 mm broad band
  • good grip in soft floors thanks to anchor plate with three "knobs"


The T-posts ECO are characterized by their stability and durability and are a top alternative to wooden posts. The 1.5 m high posts are made of ST42 grade recycled steel and painted. The anchor plate extends over three "knobs", so the post has a good grip even in soft ground.

A wide variety of insulators can be attached to the T-profile to accommodate the desired conductor material. In the following the post is suitable for wire, 6 mm rope, stranded wire and 50 mm broad band. Furthermore, the T-posts are very flexible and can be used as corner, line, goal, start and end posts. Once the post has been ideally driven into the ground, the fence has a height of 1.15 m and is perfect for fencing off livestock and keeping out wild animals.

All in all, the T-posts ECO are convincing and give your pasture fence stability. Thanks to their versatility, you can attach all types of pasture fencing materials to the post and build the fence according to your wishes. The ECO T-posts are the ideal posts for your pasture fence.

Scope of delivery

5 x T-posts ECO 1.50 m


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Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Height (cm) 150
Color green

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