Energiser ranger AN360 Dual

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  • Dual unit for 230 V and 12 V
  • Suitable for high demands and dry floors
  • 3-step battery indicator for accurate information
  • Automatic power saving circuit for greater energy efficiency
  • 3 years warranty

Suitable for

Horse Cow Big game Wolf Boar Pig Sheep/Goat Poultry


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Delivery Time

2-3 Tage

Energiser ranger AN360 Dual

Special features at a glance

The energiser is very versatile and is suitable for herding horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. It can also be used to fence in or out wild animals such as deer, wolves or wild boars.

  • Clearly arranged information display, which allows easy control from a distance
  • A 3-step battery indicator gives precise information about the battery status
  • Automatic power saving circuit for exceptional energy efficiency



Ranger AN360 energiser - versatile and particularly safe!

The "ranger AN360 Dual" energiser from horizont is characterised by its flexible application possibilities. In addition, devices of the ranger series are particularly suitable for high demands and dry floors and thus offer maximum safety for your animals even under unfavourable conditions. As it is a dual device, the pasture fence can be operated independently of location using a 12 V battery or 230 V via the mains.

“ECO-Power” power saving circuit - automatic regulation

The horizont energiser ranger AN360 uses a specially designed power saving circuit, which means that the device has a lower energy consumption than fences without power saving mode. The power consumption of the device automatically adjusts to the state of the fence. For well insulated fences, the power consumption is correspondingly lower. As a result, if less power is used, the battery will discharge less quickly and you will need to recharge the battery less often. The power saving circuit is therefore also ideal for solar operation, the environmental impact is lower and you incur lower costs.

Battery indicator allows easy control from the distance

A 3-step display on the device provides information about the battery status, which you can see from a distance to take direct action. In addition, fence voltage and fence insulation are displayed via 6 LEDs. If the device has a higher power consumption than usual to maintain performance, the fence insulation indicator "Argutektor" will flash and you will know immediately that there must be a problem.


Technical data

  • 12 V battery or 230 V
  • Input: 4.6 J
  • Output: 3.6 J
  • Maximum fence voltage: 12,500 V
  • Maximum fence voltage at 500 Ohm: 6,000 V
  • Power consumption: 90 - 310 mA
  • Maximum fence length without vegetation: 30 km
  • Number of nets: 12 x 50 m
  • Solar panel: 20 W
  • Earth piles: 2 x 1 m


Delivery contents

  • 1 x ranger AN360 Dual energiser
  • 1 x fence and earth connection cable with strengthened plastic cover
  • 1 x 230 Volt power supply unit
  • 3 years warranty



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Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Voltage 12/230 Volt
Possible netting connection 12 x 50 m
max. Output 3,6 J
max. voltage 12.500 V
max. voltage 500 Ohm 6.000 V
max. fence lenght (CEE) 130 km
max. fence lenght with no load 45 km
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