Energiser turbomax N1430

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  • Former product name: horiSMART N280
  • Mains operated energiser, 25J Input, 14J max. Output
  • For fences up to 85km with no load and 25 km with heavy load

Suitable for

Horse Cow Big game Wolf Boar Sheep/Goat Poultry


ControlFunction horismart2StepTechnique turbo turbomax AlarmFunction OnOff OpticalControlFenceVoltage SteppedVoltageDisplay polycarbonat uvStabilizer

Package Quantity

1 Piece

Energiser turbomax N1430 (former product name: horiSMART N280)

Powerful mains operated energisers for very long fences with heavy vegetation growth
High energy due to horimax technology at heavy fence loads (ie. dry ground)
Turbo effect for extra power (e. g. during short circuit break)
For longest fences up to 85km without load and up to 25 km with heavy load

'5 year warranty description' Besonders hochwertiger, UV-stabilisierter Kunststoff (Polycarbonat) Die Kunststoffe dieses Produktes werden mit einem hohen UV-Stabilisator verarbeitet Kontrolle der Erdung und Zaunspannung über eine LED-Anzeige Das Gerät verfügt über zwei Zaunausgänge horiSMART 2-Stufen-Technik = CPN - Constant power niveauTaktfolgeüberwachung Stromverbrauch Anzeige Ladeenergie


Stored energy 25 Joule
Current consumption 35 Watt
Possible netting connection 30 x 50m
max. Output 14,3 Joule
max. voltage 12000 Volt
max. voltage 500 Ohm 4600 Volt
max. fence lenght (CEE) 320 km
max. fence lenght with no load 85 km
max. fence lenght with heavy load 25 km
Product line turbomax
Power consumption 35 Watt
Model N1430
Voltage 230 Volt

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