farmer AN25

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Dual fencer, 2.5J Input, 2.0J max. Output
For fences up to 15km with no load and 1.7km with heavy load

Suitable for

Horse Cow Boar Sheep Goat Poultry

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1 Piece

The new combined fencers AN15 and AN25 are 12 Volt fencers. The connection for the 12 Volt battery is located on the inside of the fencer, so that a 12 Volt battery can be connected. On the reverse of the fencer there is an additional connection plug for a mains adapter. (Available as spare part with part no. 47PSU0008UK). With this mains adapter the fencer can be operated with 230 Volts. With the connection of mains adapter 47PSU0008UK and super vlies battery 15842 the combi fencers can also operated in stand-by mode. This means that as soon as 230 Volts mains stops, the fencer automatically is operated with 12 Volts.
  • Dual fencer, 2.5J Input, 2.0J max. Output
  • For fences up to 15km with no load and 1.7km with heavy load


  • Compact all-weather fencers for various use in compact housing
  • Output energy is available for big area of resistance values, because of this universal to use
  • High voltages guarantees secure guarding

Included in delivery:
  • Fence connection cable kit part no. 15522 with fence and earth connection cable with strengthened plastic cover
Jahre Garantie ab Kaufdatum. Ausgenommen hiervon sind Blitzund Wasserschäden sowie Schäden durch unsachgemäßen Gebrauch! Besonders hochwertiger, UV-stabilisierter Kunststoff (Polycarbonat) Die Kunststoffe dieses Produktes werden mit einem hohen UV-Stabilisator verarbeitet Kontrolle der Erdung und Zaunspannung über eine LED-Anzeige Per Knopfdruck können Sie die Kapazität und Funktion der Batterie oder des Akkus kontrollieren
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chlüsse: Zaunausgang, Erdanschluß


EAN 4014803108975
Stored energy 2,5 Joule
Possible netting connection 10
max. Output 2 Joule
max. voltage 12500 Volt
max. voltage 500 Ohm 4500 Volt
max. fence lenght (CEE) 50 km
max. fence lenght with no load 15 km
max. fence lenght with heavy load 1,7 km
Product line farmer
power consumption (mA) 35-190mA
Voltage 12/230 Volt

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