Greenline 9V/12V/230V Energizer - ABN30GREEN

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  • Bio-based device case
  • 0.4 J input, 0.3 J max. output
  • Max. Voltage: 10,000 Volt

Suitable for

Horse Cow Boar Dog/Cat


dualDevice BatteryAccuControl Energysavingmode OnOff ergonomicCarryingHandle uvStabilizer

Package Quantity

1 Carton

Delivery Time

2-3 Tage

Greenline 9V/12V/230V Energizer - ABN30GREEN

Application example and special feature:

The Greenline ABN30GREEN is the world's first bio-based pasture fencing device. Based on bioplastics, horizont was able to produce 200 limited units of the new Greenliner.


Special features:

  • Dual device - 230 V / 12 V parallel operation
  • Energy Control - 3-stage LED display for battery level and activity of the device
  • Comfortable on/off switch
  • Plug-in profile for earthing rod in the case
  • Multi-optional storage space for power unit when not in use
  • Bio-based plastic case - impact-resistant, splash-proof and oil-resistant




The energiser can be connected to 230V mains power and a 12 Volt battery at the same time. In the event of a power failure, uninterrupted operation is guaranteed.

The 3-stage LED display "Energy Control" offers a quick check of the battery level and also shows you the activity of the energiser by flashing in time with the pulse output. Thanks to the special energy-saving switch, the energiser's power consumption adapts to the fence, which means less energy consumption, less environmental impact and lower costs. Thanks to the practical on/off switch on the energiser, the power no longer has to be switched off by a fence switch or by pulling the plug.

The ergonomic carrying handle makes it easy to move the energiser with just one hand, even if it is very heavy. horizont uses sugar cane for the production of the bio-based plastic, oils used like oil from the deep fryer for heating French fries. Thus, no petroleum is added to the bio-based plastic. The housing is splash-proof, impact-resistant and oil-resistant. Energiser, fence cable, earth connection cable, earth stake are included in delivery.


Biokunststoff  Recycling  Ohne Erdöl


For which animals and fence lengths is your horizont energiser suitable?

All-rounder of pasture management. The Green ABN is optimally suited for calm grazing animals kept under normal conditions of use. It can be used universally for horses, cattle, wild boar, dogs and cats.

The energiser is suitable for fence lengths (medium vegetation) up to 3.8 km. For optimum herding safety, we recommend setting up the energiser with an earthing rod.


Technical data

  • Power supply: 12 V / 230 V
  • Input: 0.4 J
  • Max. Output: 0.3 J
  • Max. Power supply: 10000 V
  • Voltage 500 Ω: 3200 V
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.5 x 24.8 x 31.9 cm


Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Stored energy 0,4 Joule
Voltage 12/230 Volt
max. Output 0,3 J
max. voltage 10.000 V
max. voltage 500 Ohm 3200 V
max. fence lenght (CEE) 9,5 km
max. fence lenght with no load 5,5 km
max. fence lenght with heavy load 0,9 km
Width (cm) 24,8
Length (cm) 17,5
Height (cm) 31,9
Color grün
Product line Greenline

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