equiSTOP B1 (9/12V)

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Universal 9volt dry battery fencer for medium long fences, also with vegetation growth
Suitable also for long-haired horses

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Especially designed for fencing for horses, horizont has developed the range equistop. In this range there are two mains operated fencers, one 12 Volt fencer and two 9 Volt dry battery fencers. They are simple and easy to handle, especially for beginners, and deliver a good price/service balance. All fencers have attractive animal symbols on the housings and are, by their design, secure for use with horses.
  • Battery energiser, 0.18J Input, 0.12J max. Output
  • For fences up to 5km with no load and 0.8km with heavy load
  • Approved and registered up to international regulations
  • Recessed grip for practical carry and carry-on of the solar module (part no. 60130)
  • Earth connection
  • Suitable for short-haired horses
  • Connection for earth stake with angled piece (part no. 88178)
  • Battery box appropriate for all dry batteries

Included in delivery:

  • Fence connection cable kit part no. 15522 with fence and earth connection cable with
  • Strengthened plastic cover
  • Earth stake
Jahre Garantie ab Kaufdatum. Ausgenommen hiervon sind Blitzund Wasserschäden sowie Schäden durch unsachgemäßen Gebrauch Besonders hochwertiger, UV-stabilisierter Kunststoff (Polycarbonat) Die Kunststoffe dieses Produktes werden mit einem hohen UV-Stabilisator verarbeitet ON/OFF-Schalter Diese Geräte können sowohl mit einer 9Volt-Trockenbatterie, als auch über einen 12Volt-Nassakku betrieben werden Geräte mit Kontrollfunktion


EAN 4014803006844
Stored energy 0,18 Joule
max. Output 0,12 Joule
max. voltage 8600 Volt
max. voltage 500 Ohm 1500 Volt
max. fence lenght (CEE) 4 km
max. fence lenght with no load 3 km
max. fence lenght with heavy load 0,3 km
Product line equiSTOP
Power consumption 12 Volt
power consumption (mA) 15 mA

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