electrified poultry netting kit

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Complete set with netting and energiser can be powered by Mains and from 12V battery
Easily moved, stored and reerected
effective deterren against most predators

Package Quantity

1 Piece

Electrified poultry netting provides a low visibility, effective determent against most predators. Easily moved, stored and reerected, the poultry kit can be powered by mains (230V) or from 12V battery.

Consists of:

  • trapper AN12 Electric fence energizer complete with connection cable to 230V and 12V, earth and fence connection cable
  • 50m 110cm (h) green netting with posts, guy ropes, pegs and repair kit
  • 4 rigid double spike corner posts
  • Earth stake
  • Warning sign


Number of posts 14
EAN 4014803144287
Color Netz: grün
Length (m) 50