horizont pasture fence post ranger® | 138 cm high | 5 pieces | white

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  • Height: 138 cm
  • Height above floor: 125 cm
  • Colour: white
  • Number of eyelets: 12

Package Quantity

1 Bundle (5 Piece)

Delivery Time

2-3 Tage

horizont pasture fence post ranger® | 138 cm high | 5 pieces | white

A mobile pasture fence has a large number of line posts between the sturdy corner and gate posts. These take up the tensile forces of the
of the tensioned ladder material. In such fences, the line posts have the essential task of keeping the ladder material level. A well-balanced relationship
between the weight and the stability, or the load-bearing capacity, characterises a good line post. Because these are and can be frequently moved
for example, for the frequently changing boundaries of portion pastures, as is the case with the mobile electric fence system. The weight and handling of the
handling of the posts is crucial. The insulators at the top of the piles are mounted opposite each other, which allows both to use the maximum pile height for
tape, rope and strand. The single-step pile does not have an insulator directly above it, so that you can slide down the pile with your foot when stepping in without losing momentum at the insulators.

Examples of use and special features

13 cm long and 7 mm thick ground nail for secure footing
Anchoring of the metal spike in the plastic through continuous welding
Reinforced double tread with ribbing for stable standing
Injection moulded from one "cast
Suitable for 4x broadband up to 40 mm, 5x broadband up to 20 mm, 3x rope up to 8 mm, 12x strand up to 3.5 mm
UV-resistant and frost-proof plastic


The horizont plastic stake impresses with its special stability and durability. With a total height of 138 cm and a height of 125 cm above the ground, the stake is suitable for pastures with calm animals. The long metal tip allows the fence post to be anchored very well in the ground and set up easily by means of the sturdy step. The fence post also has an insulator at the base into which an earth wire can be inserted for better herding safety. A total of 12 eyelets for fencing tapes, ropes and strands make the fence post universally applicable and thus offer a high degree of flexibility. The post is suitable for: 4x wide strip up to 40 mm, 5x wide strip up to 20 mm, 3x rope up to 8 mm, 12x strand up to 3.5 mm. Our pasture fence stakes are all made of high-quality plastics and are UV-stabilised.


Technical data

  • Height: 138 cm
  • Height above ground: 125 cm
  • colour: white
  • Number of eyelets: 12

Scope of delivery

  • 5x ranger® fence post 138 cm high white


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Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Height (cm) 138
Color weiß
Number of posts 5
Model Doppeltritt
Loop quantity 12

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