New netting for wolf dettering „turbomax high energy plus earth“

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Same design as 14533, but with earth conductor 

Delivery Time

2-3 Tage

  • Practice-oriented and proven - joint development with the Baden-Württemberg State Sheep Breeding Association in a herd protection project
  • Same design as 14533, but with earth conductor (stainless steel conductor and one copper conductor with connection clips)
  • Very good steadiness - the net contains vertical strands reinforced with polyethylene
  • Easy handling due to the weight-reducing construction of the net
  • High- voltage in the netting and safety due to an additional copper wire in the top strand
  • Very strongly reduced discharges due to the large horizontal strand spacing, which reduces contact with the vegetation compared to standard nets
  • Protection for small wildlife: due to large strand spacings there is less risk for rabbits, hedgehogs, etc. to be caught in the netting and being exposed to electric shocks
  • height 105 cm, length 50 m, 14 piles with double tip, colour of the piles: white
  • Colours of the horizontal strands: white / black or white / green in the upper strand with copper conductor
  • Head insulator of the first pile is white
  • Conductivity: 0.32 Ω/m


Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Length (m) 50
Number of posts 14
horizontal polywires 6
Electrificable 5
Height (cm) 105

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