Wolf netting horinetz super

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Wolf netting with double prong 90/120cm, 50m

Package Quantity

1 Piece

  • Netting complete with 15 + 1 posts and connection kit
  • Colour of posts: black
  • Colour of wire: yellow (electrifiable) and black (non-electrifiable)
  • Node: yellow
  • Monofilaments: 3 x 5 monofilaments à 0.40mm, upper and earth twine strengthened
  • Conductor: 3 x 0.20mm stainless steel
  • Colour of the cap: Caps of the first post in yellow, rest in black
  • Low tension fall in netting
  • High energy at the end of fence
  • Better deterrent at the end of fence
  • Quick setup and dismantling process
  • Overvoltage protection because of earth tape
  • For earthing we recommend 20mm tape
  • Extra post 1.2m included in delivery, therefore perfect fitting


Length (m) 50
Number of posts 15
horizontal polywires 8
Electrificable 7
Model Double prong
Height (cm) 90 / 120

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