Recycled plastic fence posts


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grey, total length 200cm, 80mm ø 60cm in the ground, 140cm above ground

  • Recycled plastic fence posts are made of old plastic with unlimited durability
  • After use they can get recycled again
  • Insulators can be nailed-on, screwed-in, drilled or sawed
  • All posts are pointed


15243 15593 15151
Color steingrau steingrau steingrau
Model 60cm im Boden, 140cm über Boden 55cm im Boden, 120cm über Boden 50cm im Boden, 100cm über Boden
Diameter mm 80 60 45
Height (cm) 200 175 150
Height (cm) - No No
Package Quantity 1 Piece 1 Piece 1 Piece
Incl. 19% Tax
Incl. 19% Tax
Incl. 19% Tax

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In stock

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