Sheep net horinetz high energy - 120cm high 50m long - with double tip game repellent

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  • Now new: Highest conductivity!
  • Sheep and goat net
  • The horinetz, popular for decades, in an improved version
  • Wolf repellent and defence against wild boar

Delivery Time

2-3 Tage

Sheep net horinetz high energy - 120cm high 50m long - with double tip game repellent

Areas of application and special features
The horinetz high energy is suitable for herding sheep and goats. In addition, the premium net is suitable for repelling wolves and wild boar.

Special features at a glance:

Belongs to the most conductive nets on the market!
Extremely durable
High load capacity possible
Suitable for repelling wolves and wild boars



NOW NEW! - The horinetz, which has been popular for decades, in an improved version, one of the best conducting nets on the market!

The new horinetz high energy is a herding net for sheep and goats with a length of 50 metres and a height of 120 cm. For decades, the horinetz series has been one of horizont's bestsellers and is particularly popular due to its durability and good usage properties. The new horinetz high energy combines the old strengths with new innovations. Today, horinetz high energy is one of the most conductive nets on the market. With a conductivity of 0.1 Ohm / m, there is hardly any other net that is comparable in terms of quality and conductivity. Thanks to its extreme conductivity, it is easily possible to operate several nets with only one electric fence and thus fence a larger area. The use of very durable and robust conductors (copper) guarantees the best usage properties and a long service life. In addition, due to the 14 stakes with double spikes, the net remains stable even in loose soil and under strong wind loads and ensures the best possible safety for your animals.

Protective fence against wolves and wild boars
The net is also ideally suited for game defence due to its high tension, robust material and stable stand. The special features here include above all the extremely low resistance of just 0.1 Ohm / m and the extraordinarily easy handling.

Good visibility at dusk due to eye-catching colours
The eye-catching colours of the yellow strands and white poles ensure that the horinet can be easily recognised even in twilight. Another advantage is the high load-bearing capacity. The top and bottom strands are reinforced by 60% (3 x 5 monofilaments of 0.40 mm each), which is why the net can withstand even high loads when tensioned. Sturdy and rounded plombem on the mesh crossing points guarantee high tear resistance and robust stainless steel clamps make it easy to connect net to net - without tools or individual parts that can be lost. The differently coloured pole insulators at the beginning of the net make it much easier for you to set up and the sheep net does not get tangled so quickly. Your animals will be safely fenced in and you will enjoy the horinetz for a long time.


Technical data

  • 120 cm high - 50 m long
  • 14 plastic stakes with double spikes
  • Number of horizontal strands: 10
  • Current-carrying strands: 9 pieces (yellow)
  • Colour of poles: white
  • Colour of the nodes: yellow
  • Lower mesh size: 15 cm high and 15.5 cm wide


Scope of delivery

  • 1 x horinetz high energy complete, 120 cm high, 50 m long, double spike, game repellent
  • 14 plastic stakes with double tips
  • 1 x repair set, warning sign and 2 x ground pegs



  • Spare stake with double tip Ø 13 mm, 120 cm high (14384-2, p. 130)


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Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Length (m) 50
Height (cm) 120
Color gelb / schwarz
Electrificable 9
horizontal polywires 10
Number of posts 14
Resistance 0,1 Ω / m
Model Doppelspitze

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