horizont 12V solar-powered electric fence with battery - ranger® AS120

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  • 1.5 J input, 1.2 J max. output
  • 20 W solar panel included
  • Ideal for quiet grazing animals

Suitable for

Horse Cow Dog Cat


BatteryAccuControl OnOff ergonomicCarryingHandle polycarbonat solarChargeControlIntegrated uvStabilizer

Delivery Time

2-3 Tage

horizont 12V solar-powered electric fence - ranger® AS120

Application examples and special features

ranger® - Our professional series for high demands and dry site conditions. The ranger electric fencers are ideal for grazing animals such as cattle or horses.

Special features at a glance:

  • Robust plastic solar module
  • Environmentally friendly use of solar energy
  • Compact unit of electric fence and solar module
  • Mounting device for solar module
  • 4 different setting angles and one transport position
  • Particularly stable housing, impact-resistant plastic with UV stabilizer
  • Integrated ground stake
  • Automatic switchover in solar mode
  • Solar charging control built into the unit to protect it from the weather - problem-free charging of different types of batteries
  • Microprocessor control
  • Tested and built according to the applicable EU directives and the safety standard EN60335-7-76 and DIN EN ISO 9001


Find here all the pasture fence features with explanation at a glance!

Energy-Control (Anzeige der Batterie-/Akkuleistung) integrierte Solarladeregelung On/Off-Schalter Polycarbonat UV-Stabilisator Dual-Gerät Ergonomischer Tragegriff 


The AS units (ranger AS120 + ranger AS180) are supplied with the U-earth stake. Under favourable conditions, this can already secure the grounding on small willows. For larger willows or dry soil conditions, additional galvanized T-earth stakes at least 1 m long should be used. The U-earth stake is used for stability with these implements. The implements have good pressure against the ground due to the heavy battery. Especially on uneven surfaces and/or in strong winds, the implements can be made to tip over. The U-shaped ground stake allows the units to be set up safely even in windy conditions and on uneven ground.

The installed solar modules are characterized by their high efficiency. This is demonstrated by the small surface area at the nominal outputs of 20 and 30 watts. A solar charge controller is built into the units. Solar modules in which the cells are generously distributed over the module surfaces are widespread. These are placed in a carrier made of glass, which is usually stabilized and held in place by an aluminium frame. These modules are sensitive to hard impacts or even twisting, as the modules are not very flexible due to their construction. In the modules of the AS units, the cells are placed close together on the module in order to be able to generate a lot of power in a relatively small area.

The battery indicator shows the capacity - the filling level - of the battery in 3 steps. If, for example, the capacity should have dropped too much out of season - in the barn - the battery can easily be recharged via the plug-in power supply unit supplied. The plug-in power supply unit can simply be connected to the DC socket attached to the housing.

The modules are mounted on a plastic carrier plate and covered with a transparent plastic layer. For stabilization, the modules are placed in a plastic frame made of polycarbonate. This makes the entire unit more flexible, but still highly stable.


Our horizont service - your customer advantage

Every day for 75 years, horizont has been about making people's and animals' lives safer and easier. Professional pet owners all over the world trust in "quality made by horizont" and do not take any risks when choosing their fencing system. horizont products stand for quality and reliability. This is especially due to the more than 500 employees who develop products from practice for practice. Many of our colleagues are farmers, animal owners, riders or breed animals in their spare time and let this experience flow into the development of new innovative products.


For which animals and fence lengths is your horizontal fence suitable?

  • For many animal species universally applicable:
  • Horse, cattle, wild boar, pig, dog, cat.
  • The horizont electric fence is suitable for fence lengths (medium vegetation) up to 4 km.
  • We recommend setting up the electric fence with 1 earthing rod for optimum fence safety.


Technical data

Operating voltage:    12 V
Input:  1,5 J
Max. Output:  1,2 J
Max. Voltage:  12.700 V
Voltage 500 Ω:  4.300 V
Energy consumption:  28 - 104 mA
Scope of delivery: Electric fence, solar panel 20 Watt, 12 V / 34 Ah battery, ground stake (double spike), fence and ground connection cable, plug-in power supply unit         


Scope of delivery

  • Electric fence, solar panel 20 Watt, 12 V / 34 Ah battery
  • Ground stake (double spike)
  • Fence and earth connection cable, plug-in power supply unit

Warranty extension for horizont electric fencers - Register now!


Garantieverlängerung horizont  > here go to the registration! Take the chance and extend the warranty of your electric fence by 1 year!



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Delivery time 2-3 Tage
Stored energy 1,5 Joule
Voltage 12 Volt
Power consumption 28 - 104 mA
max. Output 1,2 J
max. voltage 12.700 V
max. voltage 500 Ohm 4.300 V
max. fence lenght (CEE) 43 km
max. fence lenght with no load 12 km
max. fence lenght with heavy load 1,4 km
Product line ranger

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