TEKNA™ Dressage Saddle Smooth S line

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TEKNA™ Dressage Saddle Smooth S line. With pannel approx. 2 cm higher than regular saddle. Deep smooth surface. The saddle has a light weight and strong synthetic tree, as well as a soft seat. The Tekna®-Saddles are made of modern synthetic QUIK-CLEAN materials. You only need a damp cloth to clean the saddle. Time and cost can be saved compared to cleaning a leather saddle. Not even a ride through water or a rain shower can do any harm to Tekna® products. Normal cut, detachable blocks, 1 pair unisize included. Deep seat for a perfect rider's position, replaceable girth straps, for short girth, relaxation due to softly padded seat and panels. Breathable characteristics allow airflow. Flexible dressage saddle for competition or general riding. With suede surface on demand. One gullet plate medium wide (MW) size inclusive.


Delivery time 1-3 Tage