Battery sheep shear HANDYPIECE

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  • 12V akkubetriebene Schafschermaschine
  • Robust und wasserdicht, einfach zu reinigen
  • Starker Regelmotor für geringe Hitzebildung

Package Quantity

1 Piece

Unique portable 12V battery sheep shear
Can be used anywhere thanks to state-of-the-art rechargeable battery
12Ah battery power pack will crutch up to 40 sheep
The shear operates with the akku pack or with a 12V vehicle battery
Direct drive motor which creates little heat build up
Slim-line in design, comfortable to hold and well-balanced handpiece for easy use
Tough and waterproof, easy to clean
Perfect sheep shear to have with you in the car - specially during the summertime - fly season
Complete delivered in a sturdy bag, with handpiece (without blades), Lithium Polymer 12Ah battery, extension cord 5m for car battery, battery charger, belt, handpiece holster, battery pouch, screwdriver, spare rubber switch boot, bottle for oil
Each battery will crutch up to 40 sheep


EAN 4014803358004