Luda farmCam HD Set

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Wirelesse surveillance for animals in HD-quality

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FarmCam HD is the complete outdoor camera system for farmers. It works wirelessly via its own WLAN and offers Full-HD video on your TV, smartphone, tablet PC or computer. Night vision, sound, recording and motion detection with 3 year warranty!



  • Wireless setup, no Internet connection required
  • Wireless range of 1250m at a free line of sight
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Waterproof
  • Wide angle of 90° and zoom
  • motion alarm
  • Connect up to 4 cameras
  • Direct in your TV, PC or Smart-Phone (with internet)
  • Alarms, night vision, recording
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Plug and play!
  • 3 years warranty


Theft protection and work facilitation 

The Luda FarmCam HD is the complete camera system and can be used in numerous areas and makes the farmer's work much easier as it saves a lot of time that he would otherwise spend on inspections.

Among other things, it can be used to monitor the calving box and birth control to see when help is needed for a difficult birth. Also the animals in the stable can be supervised with the FamrCam HD comfortably over the Smartphone. For example, when cows are stowed in front of the milking robot, the farmer knows that something is wrong.

Last but not least, machine parks or diesel tanks can also be monitored, which means that any thefts or break-ins can be quickly detected and prevented.


That's how it works: : 

  1. The camera monitors your animals. The signal is transmitted through the cable (9-18m) to the outdoor antenna.
  2. The signal is wirelessly transmitted to the office/home
  3. The receiver receives the signal through its external antenna connected to the cable (9-18m)
  4. By connecting the receiver to your Internet router, you can see your animals/barn/building/yard with any smartphone, tablet or computer with an Internet connection, no matter where they go
  5. By connecting your receiver to your TV, you can see the camera picture there



  • Step 1: Install the camera by screwing it to the desired wall and connecting it with the supplied cable
  • Step 2: Install the antenna - mount the antenna at the stand and at home
  • Step 3: Connect antenna and receiver - connect the enclosed cable to the receiver
  • Step 4: Connect receiver to TV - Connect HDMI cable to receiver and TV and use PC mouse to navigate
  • Step 5: Connect receiver to network and smartphone by connecting the network cable and downloading the FarmCam HD app from Google play or the App Store. Add the new device to the FarmCam app by scanning the QR COde on the receiver. Then name the camera and set the password
  • Ready! 


 Luda FarmCam HD



  • Receiver (4 channels)
  • Camera Power Adapter
  • IP-Camera
  • Receiver Power Adapter
  • 2m HDMI-cable
  • 18 m extension cable
  • USB-Mouse
  • Ethernet-cable
  • 3 antenna cables (9 m)
  • 2 Large antennas
  • 3 Small antennas
  • heat-shrink tubing


Delivery time 2-3 Tage