Moocall - The lifesaver

Incl. 16% Tax


Reduction of calving losses due to early alerts on your mobile/smartphone

Delivery Time

1-3 Tage


  • Reduction of calving losses due the early alerts on your mobile/smartphone
  • The sensor monitors the contractions of the calving cow to alert you in time about 1 hour prior the calving 
  • 1 sensor for up to 80 cows
  • Battery service life (30 to 60 days) depending on usage
  • Additional app (IOS, Android) helps you to keep track of your cows
  • Multiple devices to consign for notifications
  • Country independently
  • Annual charge (currently 150 € p.a.) enables free updates and SMS


The Attachment

     Anbringung MoocallThe correct attachment to the tail is to be checked 

     to avoid error messages, pressure points and loss.

     Recommendation: You will find instructions for attachement here 




Needed devices (depending on the rhythm):

All year:

ca. 1 device pro 80 cows              

Autumn and winter: 

ca. 1 device 30 cows


ca. 1 device pro 15 cows

 After purchasing the moocall must be registered online or by phone.


Delivery time 1-3 Tage