Poultry feeder "HAPPY"


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Reliable plastic allows easy cleaning
No corrosion, because ridges are made of plastic instead of metal
Optimally sized feed holes and ridges designed specially to prevent chicks perching on the top and fouling feed
Simply and quickly expandable
Efficient snap closure
Extendible legs (+5.5cm) raising the feeder and reduce the risk of feed contamination (only Part no. 34685)
Feeder can hold nearly all types of feed (i.e. wheat, pellets, mash or grit)


Suitable for young chicken and quails


34684 34685
EAN 4014803346841 4014803346858
Capacity 0,5 kg 3,5 kg
Suitable for Küken und Wachteln Jung- und Legehennen
Size UK 30 x 8,5 cm 50 x 16cm
Color pink lime
Package Quantity 1 Piece 1 Piece
Incl. 19% Tax
Incl. 19% Tax

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