Water pump kits

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  • Battery pump set for reliable water supply of grazing animals in fenced-off watercourses

  • Solar panels optionally available

Pump set with solar panel (optional)

The requirement for livestock owners

There is a growing need for farmers to keep livestock away from watercourses. The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) has been established a framework for the protection of inland waters, transitional waters (estuaries), coastal waters and groundwater. Fencing in water bodies provides protection against bank erosion. This maintains water quality at a high level and preserves the healthy growth of local flora and fauna. This is a challenge for farmers who supply livestock through watercourses. Our battery and solar powered pumps can help solve this problem.

The pump systems

The solar and battery pump sets can be integrated into all common water troughs. This eliminates the need to train the animals as with conventional pasture pumps. The solar pump set supplies animal groups with their water requirements without having to change or charge the battery (depending on stocking density, forage basis, weather, etc.).

The pump sets are simple 12 V pump systems based on proven water pump technology to enable the transfer of large quantities of water. The trough* is equipped with a float that switches on the submersible pump when the water level drops.

The pump is connected to a 30 m long hose which leads directly from the water source into the trough. The set is powered by a 12 V battery* located in a weatherproof switch box. We recommend a minimum of 75 Ah and a maximum of 85 Ah. The battery pump set can be extended by highly efficient 60 W solar modules. Depending on the daily running time and the season, a 60 W solar panel alone may not be sufficient to achieve full performance. Additional panels may be required. The system is compatible with a solar system up to 300W.

Recommendation: for 4 hours running time per day we recommend 3 x 60 W solar modules.

* Not included in the delivery contents


Water pump capacity

The water requirements for the animals are very different and are influenced by temperature, humidity and type of feed, among other things. Always bear this in mind. The majority of grazing animals are herd animals and want to drink together, so the trough size should allow this. By increasing the head, the pumping capacity is reduced. At 10 m head, the pump runs at approximately 65% of peak performance. The charging times of the solar energy vary depending on the weather conditions. Keep in mind that in summer the water requirement of the animals increases.

 If you do not use the solar option, the periods between charges depend on the degree of utilisation.


The (solar) water pump at a glance

  • Developed in cooperation with farmers
  • Riparian strips prevent soil from entering the watercourse (erosion)
  • Promoting the growth of healthy flora and fauna through clean water
  • Simple, reliable and self-sufficient way to supply water to grazing animals in fenced-off watercourses
  • With the set of a 12V pump system large quantities of water can be exchanged.
  • The existing trough is equipped with a float valve which activates the submersible pump as soon as the water level drops.
  • Included in delivery is a 30 m long hose that leads from the water source to the trough.
  • The pump set is powered by a 12 V battery (recommended minimum 75 Ah, not included), which is stored in a weatherproof switch box.
  • The 60 Watt solar panels are available under the part no. 47SP60W-S
  • The charging time of the battery through the solar panel depends on the weather conditions.
  • How much water is needed in each individual case depends on the size of the herd and animal species as well as on the temperature, humidity and source structure. Please bear this in mind when planning.
  • Recharge times of the solar cells depend on the weather conditions. The data listed below refer to a daily recharge time of four hours - the pump quantity is usually much higher during summer time.
  • In battery mode, the charging periods depend on the use.


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 Drinking water requirements in livestock farming



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