Turn out rug Fence Buster™ and removable neck cover


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Turn out rug with removable neck cover


The length stands for the total length of the rug!

Guardian’s FENCE BUSTER™ turnout rug is designed to work with electric fencing to prevent escapes. The chest and neck areas of our patented Fence Buster rugs have the benefit of integrated panels designed to instantly transfer the pulse from an electric fence directly through to the inside of the rug; so your horse will feel the same effect from the electric fence as they would if not wearing a rug.

Normal rugs can make an electric fence ineffective as they insulate the horse from the fence. This patented product has been designed so that when the horse makes contact with an electrified fence, the shock bypasses the fabric and the shock from the electric fence is instantly transferred to the horse (see step 3).


Electric fence panels in the rug & neck cover
This means if your horse walks into the fence, leans over or ducks under – the shock from the fence will be instantly felt by the horse the very instant they make contact with the fence.

1680D Ballistic polyester outer
This strong 1680Denier weave provides ultimate strength and durability.

Teflon coated
The Teflon coating helps water to bead off the fabric instead of soaking in. This means in lighter rain the rug will not absorb the water – it will simply run off – and after heavy rain the Teflon will speed up the drying process and prevent the rug wetting out. If you re-proof your rugs once a year, this will regenerate the Teflon performance to give you perfect weather protection year after year.

250g throughout rug & neck cover
A snug 250 filling throughout the rug and neck cover will keep your horse warm and cosy. The rug is designed so you can layer up multiple rugs underneath. The special strap inside will

always be in contact with the horse – so you can ensure the full effect from your electric fence – even with 2 or more rugs on.

Breathable anti rub 190T Nylon lining
A soft breathable nylon lining providing comfort

Rip-stop chest & neck cover
The Fence Buster has rip-stop chest and neck electric fence panels – for that added touch of durability.

Removable rear leg straps
If you prefer a fillett strap to leg straps, simply remove one leg strap altogether, and use the other leg strap as a fillett strap.

Quick snap & adjustable chest closure
Quick snap chest clips for ease of fitting – also fully adjustable buckles to ensure the best fit for narrow and broad chested horses.

Extra large tail guard
The extra large tail flap for all round protection from the elements.

Taped seams
The main seams are taped to ensure no seeping.